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Bicycle Friendly State program

The Bicycle Friendly State℠ program is designed to promote best practices for state-level bicycling-related policies and programs — the program relies upon dedicated state Department of Transportation professionals to provide an understanding of where each state stands relative to best practices and where each state can improve.

View the ranking here and look up your state's report card here!

About the Program

Between 2008 and 2015 the League of American Bicyclists created an annual ranking of all 50 states based upon policies, programs, and other public agency efforts to create great bicycling in each state. After one year to re-evaluate the program, we are pleased to provide an updated survey that will lead to a 2017 ranking. We have been able to create an annual ranking due to the cooperation of staff at each state's Department of Transportation, who provide a wealth of information by completing our Bicycle Friendly State (BFS℠) survey.

In 2012 the League of American Bicyclists partnered with the Alliance for Biking and Walking to create a combined survey for state agencies that is used by the League's Bicycle Friendly States program and the Alliance's Benchmarking Report. The complete survey is published in the Alliance's Benchmarking report. 

The BFS annual ranking measures each state's bicycling-related efforts but does not include everything states can and should do for bicycling. The BFS ranking process illustrates general performance needs. Traditionally, the BFS rankings show that there are fantastic efforts to emulate and that there is still a lot of work to be done to improve conditions for bicycling in states – from the bottom to the top of the BFS ranking. States that consistently work to promote bicycling and improve conditions can expect to improve their scores. You can find historical data on state rankings here.