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Hello, thank you for taking part in the Bicycle Friendly State progam and Benchmarking Report.


TBD 2017

Survey Tips

  • You should answer every question on this survey. We don’t expect any state to do everything on the list, but we want information on everything so as to understand differences between states and report comparative information.
  • If your state is doing something that isn’t listed in the checkboxes, or that goes above and beyond any of the check box options, please tell us about it! Use the ‘General Overview’ section at the end of the survey to give us more details. This not only helps us to better understand your state, it also helps improve the program by identifying new trends and best practices.
  • Don’t be shy to tell us about your state’s weaknesses. This gives us a more accurate snapshot of your state, and displays that you are critically evaluating the state’s internal efforts, which is an important component of the final ‘E’, Evaluation & Planning. In addition, things you identify as necessary improvements will help us create good public feedback that aligns with internal needs.
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